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CalPump Lighting PC50 - Power Control Center

PC50 - Power Control Center

PC50 - Power Control CenterThe Power Control Center allows backyard water gardeners the flexibility of installing a pond where no electricity is near the pond site.

CalPump Power Control Center

CalPump Power Control Center

Trt150 Instruction Sheet
Trt150 Instruction Sheet

The CalPump Power Control Center eliminates the need for an electrician in many installations! UL listed control panel has a 50' power cord with standard 115v plug.

On the left side two 115v plugs that are GFI protected and operate off a digital timer ideal for splitters, fountains, etc.

In the center are two 115v plugs that are GFI protected and have a constant power supply ideal for pumps, UVs, etc.

The Right side is low voltage transformer for underwater lights. GFI transformer is rated for 150 watts.

Operate pumps, UVs, fountains and underwater lights safely and easily with one unit!

Weather resistant enclosure for outdoor use.

Item #: PC50-15
Power Control Center 15 ft. cord - 517408
Suggested Price $ 183.00
Our Price: $ 128.10
Item #: PC50
Power Control Center 50 ft. cord - 517416
Suggested Price $ 244.00
Our Price: $ 170.80